The Inspiration

For well over four hundred years, the blue ribbon has been a symbol of unparalleled excellence. In the 16th century, it stood for Les Cordon Bleus, an order of chivalrous French knights, so called for the blue ribbon they wore on their uniform.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, it inspired The Blue Riband, the ultimate accolade awarded for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by the most powerful and luxurious passenger liners of their time. Since then, the blue ribbon has symbolized excellence in athletics as well as academia the world over.

Today, the blue ribbon is more than just the inspiration behind our name. It also inspires our constant quest for the superlative.

We are dedicated to providing the finest equipment to the hospitality industry – from fine china and premium cutlery to linen, furniture and more. We scour the world for the most exceptional brands. Add to that our truly personalized service and you have the perfect recipe for success. Small wonder that our client list includes some of the most prestigious names in the business.