Figgjo AS is a trendsetting porcelain manufacturer for the professional kitchen. Headquartered in Norway, Figgjo offers a product range of quality chinaware which consists of timeless, solid and functional basic products, plus impulsive, playful and challenging trendsetting products.

Figgjo offers a broad variety of standard decorations. They have their unique design that will assist in creating or highlighting the desired atmosphere of fine dining. Through creative collaboration with the customer, Figgjo’s designers develop exciting and unique porcelain solutions – ranging from light and elegant table settings based on a small number of decorated elements to complete design concepts.

Figgjo is known for high innovation confirmed by a number of national & international design awards. It launches new products each year, which gives you the opportunity to renew the food presentation efficiently and economically year after year.
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Treasured as the leading brand throughout the world, Narumi Corporation, Japan offers a collection of the finest quality of porcelain tableware providing delight and luxury in every aspect of life.

The world-widely recognized manufacturer/supplier to produce and supply the high quality Bone China to many 5-stars hotels and national airlines.

Narumi products offer unique and complex shapes and sizes and custom –made shapes and patterns to meet the customer’s specific needs. The secret to the deceptive strength of the sturdy yet thin and delicate Narumi Bone China is found in its elaborate crystal structure; both the strength of the material and the content of bone ash keep it ranked No.1 in the world.

Due to a high-density crystallized body, Narumi Bone China can withstand considerable shock and heavy usage. This feature demonstrates the suitability for the hotel and restaurant industry.
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The Beauty of Thai Heritage……with a modern touch.

C&P Celadon located in Thailand offers premium quality Celadon tableware for use in Hotels, restaurants and homes. Celadon is a form of art and the celadon colors are naturally derived through the process of firing with no chemicals colors added, our celadon is very safe to use for food service.

C&P Celadon offers a vast array of color combinations to fit the customer’s requirements. Products offered are lead and cadmium free.

It is safe to use in microwave and dishwasher. The surface of celadon is thinly glazed, glossy and scratchproof even after repetitive uses of cutlery upon it.

C&P Celadon thus provides their premium celadon that is not only beautiful but offers a practical dining experience.
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Magokoro is a tableware supplier in the Mino region, with 1300 years of history which is the greatest producing place of pottery in Japan.

Since 130 years, Magokoro has been supplying tableware to hotels and restaurants in Japan and to the rest of the world.

Magokoro develops tableware which is modern which can be enjoyed in a causal setting as well as traditional.
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The concept of Utage (Oo-tah-ge) is a Japanese one, steeped in the traditions of Japanese cuisine culture. The brand Utage is our range of tableware to challenge your creativity, to excite and stimulate the guest, to help you better express hospitality, in essence, to make the situation perfect.

Utage has developed and can supply high quality natural taste tableware and, providing a canvas to challenge the creativity of the chefs, while enhancing the colors of the food and material sense.

A range of dinnerware which, while not overly conspicuous, retains a certain presence.
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