Nirman art is a leading manufacturer of decorative glass platters and bowls.

Its aim is to provide best culinary products with beautifully quintessential designs. Nirman art unique designs have touched hearts of many customers thus providing their client a unique and enriching culinary experience.

Our vision is to manufacture the best quality glass platters and bowls as per Clients Demand.
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VIDIVI (Vetri delle Venezie) is an Italian brand manufacturing glass items for the dining tables and home that stands out.

VIDIVI's Italian glass is universally recognized for its outstanding degree of transparency as well as for its shine and strength.

VIDIVI manufactures products exclusively in sodium-calcic glass, with a low metal content, thanks to the high quality materials used in the manufacturing process together with the accurate quality testing carried out on a daily basis.
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At Persona Glass, we have successfully allied art and industry, combining creative in-house designs and high quality materials with superb craftsmanship, to create unique pieces of glassware, which are durable, functional and beautiful.

We also offer custom glassware and welcome your special designs and specifications, however intricate.

Whether it is clear, smooth glassware for a conventional setting, or coloured and textured glassware for a more contemporary look, our team of in-house designers is available to help reflect your unique style into the glassware.
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